Carl Sandberg Reading His Poetry - 1962

Carl Sandberg Reading His Poetry - 1962

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Carl Sandberg is the Johnny Appleseed of poetry in America. He has walked through the land for leisurely scores of years, savoring the fruit of it, and tossing the seeds preserving its essence back to the land. Each seed, each poem, has taken root, has become a well-loved monument to both the poet and the people, for it is the people who have kept it flourishing. 



Side One

1 Prairie Waters By Night
2 Southern Pacific
3 Prayers Of Steel
4 In Tall Grass
5 White Ash
6 Four Preludes On Playthings Of The Wind
7 Night Stuff
8 The Windy City

Side Two

1 Cool Tombs
2 Explanations Of Love
3 Sea Chest
4 Sky Pieces
5 Francois Villon Forgotten
6 Gone
7 Mag
8 Psalm Of Those Who Go Off Before Daylight
9 Cahoots
10 Face
11 They All Want To Play Hamlet
12 Storms Begin Far Back
13 The Fireborn Are At Home In Fire
14 The Unknown War

Caedmon Records ‎– SWC 1150



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