David Bowie - Sergei Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf

David Bowie - Sergei Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf

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"In Peter and the Wolf, Peter goes out into the meadow even though his grandfather has warned him there is a dangerous wolf out there. Seeing his friends, the bird and the duck, he alerts them to the presence of the cat. Peter's grandfather gets him back into his own yard just as the wolf comes out of the forest..."  


Peter And The Wolf 27:03
A1 Introduction 2:44
A2 The Story Begins 0:58
A3 The Bird 1:34
A4 The Duck, Dialogue With The Bird, Attack Of The Cat 4:13
A5 Grandfather 2:14
A6 The Wolf 2:02
A7 The Duck Is Caught 0:54
A8 The Wolf Stalks The Bird And The Cat 1:42
A9 Peter Prepares To Catch The Wolf 1:07
A10 The Bird Diverts The Wolf 1:31
A11 Peter Catches The Wolf 1:49
A12 The Hunters Arrive 1:19
A13 The Procession To The Zoo 4:56
The Nutcracker Suite 23:57
A14 Overture 3:39
A15 March 2:12
A16 Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies 2:11
B1 Russian Dance 1:10
B2 Arab Dance 3:37
B3 Chinese Dance 1:09
B4 Dance Of The Merlitons 2:14
B5 Waltz Of The Flowers 7:07
Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra 17:09
B6 Theme: Full Orchestra 1:22
B7 Theme: Woodwinds 0:23
B8 Theme: Brass 0:18
B9 Theme: Strings 0:18
B10 Theme: Percussion 0:15
B11 Theme: Full Orchestra 0:18
B12 Variation I: Flute, Piccolo (Presto) 0:34
B13 Variation II: Oboes (Lento) 1:00
B14 Variation III :Clarinets (Moderato) 0:38
B15 Variation IV: Bassoons (Allegro Alla Marcia) 0:56
B16 Variation V: Violins (Brilliante Alla Pollacia) 0:44
B17 Variation VI: Violas (Meno Mosso) 1:07
B18 Variation VII: Cellos 1:13
B19 Variation VIII: Doublebasses (Comminciando Lento, Ma Poco Accel.) 1:03
B20 Variation IX: Harp (Maestoso) 0:45
B21 Variation X: French Horns (Il Stesso Tempo) 0:40
B22 Variation XI: Trumpets (Vivace) 0:33
B23 Variation XII: Trombones & Tuba (Allegro Pomposo) 1:10
B24 Variation XIII: Percussion (Moderato) 1:55
B25 Fugue: Full Orchestra (Allegro Molto) 2:57

RCA Victor ‎– 09026 60878-4
Cassette, Album, Reissue
USA & Canada
01 Jan 1992