Halloween I "Night Terrors"

Halloween I "Night Terrors"

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The Phone Messages That Work!

Would you like to have some surgery? 

Wait for the sound of the beep. 

Written and narrated by ELDON L. HOWERY, P.O. BOX 1531, Mission KS 66222

Side One: 

1. Embarked Upon a Capsule of Halloween (60 sec.) 2. The Devil's Halloween (60 sec.) 3. I Feel A Change Coming on (45 sec.) 4 Moonlighting Doctor (45 sec.)

Side Two: 

1. Goulish* Halloween Party (60 sec.) 2. Head Man (30 sec.) 3. Witch's Brew (60 sec.) 4. Ghost's Night Out (60 sec.) 

*Yes, they did spell it incorrectly. 

Upon usage, be sure to listen to the instructions at the beginning to be sure that you are able to turn this recording into your very own, uniquely, spooky answering machine message. If done properly, all your callers will die of fright! Or they might just quit being friends with you. But maybe you didn't want them calling in the first place. Well, let's hope this works and they've learned their lesson...in Hell.