Play the Jaw Harp Now
Play the Jaw Harp Now

Play the Jaw Harp Now

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"The oldest jaw harps are from Southeast Asia made completely from bamboo. They date back before time of recorded history. The ancestor to today's metal jaw harps (now made from steel) was discovered in excavations of Rome from the first century B.C. They have been made in most European countries down through the the years to the present" 

.... (more content you can have if you purchase this fine cassette lives right here, in the middle of these paragraphs)...

"The jaw harp has been played in America for well over 300 years. Today there is a renewed interest in this ancient instrument and the joy it can bring. Now you can become a link in this historic musical chain." 

Also if you can get your hands on this jawiningly awesome tape, you will have physical access to diagrams (with very, very specific written instructions) that include: 

  • Holding the Jaw Harp
  • Rhythmic Breathing
  • Tuning the Jaw Harp 

Try it out TODAY! DON'T WAIT! 

You'll be glad you did.